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HIVR4P Satellite Session: Beyond Viral Neutralization

Friday, October 21, 2016 | Chicago

The main aim of this satellite session is to bring the scientific community together to discuss the latest developments in the expanding field of non-neutralizing, effector function competent (nNeFC) anti-HIV-1 antibodies.

This satellite session will be hosted and facilitated by the ACO. 

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Researcher in Focus: Felicien Moukambi

The ACO continues to feature Canadian researchers who are making an impact in HIV vaccine research and development. At the CAHR Conference held in Winnipeg, Manitoba (May 2016), HIV researcher Felicién Moukambi, talked to us about his research on the depletion of Tfh cells in SIV-infected macaques. Felicién works at the laboratory of Dr. Jérôme Estaquier at the Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec.

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