ACO Activities

The ACO is working to enhance Canada’s HIV research capacity by establishing and supporting a national network of researchers and identifying new opportunities for international collaboration, as mandated by the Canadian HIV Vaccine Research and Development Alliance (CHVI).

The ACO focuses on building and sustaining the CHVI Research and Development Alliance, advising the Government of Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on research gaps, prospecting for innovative proposals to respond to identified gaps and promoting synergy among Alliance members.

One of the main objectives of the ACO is to work with networks of existing partners in Canada and internationally. Through these networks, members of the CHVI Alliance have access to information on the latest HIV vaccine developments, thereby ensuring their work is well-informed and aligns with global efforts to develop a safe and effective HIV vaccine.

Through the development of a Canadian-based comprehensive virtual network, workshops and other networking activities, the ACO helps enable productive interactions that stimulate new thinking and capacity building to accelerate the development of an HIV vaccine.

ACO Vision and Objectives



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