Defining Clear Goals in HIV Vaccine Development

The ACO is working with researchers and the broader stakeholder community in Canada and around the world to define research opportunities and gaps that can best be addressed collectively. Our common global research targets set the stage for effective collaboration.

The extensive, Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI)-led consultation ultimately informed the development of the ACO in order to build on Canada’s research pedigree, support the CHVI’s broader mandate and define the trajectory of Alliance investments in the international HIV vaccine effort. The CHVI’s integrated scientific goals have steered the ACO’s objectives, which include:

  • Advancing basic science—from the understanding of the immunological underpinnings of HIV infection to the discovery of new vaccine targets and techniques—in Canada and internationally;
  • Translating basic science into preclinical, clinical and technology development; and
  • Fostering the enabling conditions, including manufacturing, commercialization and regulatory expertise, for the deployment of an effective vaccine in Canada and around the world.