Building Networks Across Borders

As part of the Renewed Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) Research and Development Alliance, the Alliance Coordinating Office (ACO) will assist in the overarching vision to establish an innovative and robust Canadian contribution to global HIV vaccine efforts.

The ACO is committed to enabling productive interactions that foster new thinking and capacity building to accelerate the development of an HIV vaccine. The ACO serves to develop a network dedicated to bringing together Canadian HIV researchers, the international HIV research community, national and international HIV/AIDS organizations, government, agencies, the vaccine industry, and expertise from outside the field.

One of the ACO’s primary roles is to act as a convener of people, a facilitator of ideas and a catalyst of productive collaboration. From the outset, the ACO is placing substantial emphasis on hosting workshops and satellite meetings that bring national and global participants from academia, industry, public health and the patient/advocacy community into new conversations.

Upcoming ACO Events