Canadian Research that Stands Out

Canadian HIV vaccine researchers are making a global impact. Canada’s investigators are increasingly more productive, and there are a growing number of funding opportunities available. According to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, “four of the world’s top ten most productive authors in the area of HIV/AIDS during 2006-08 were Canadian.

Yet with notable exceptions, the global potential of Canada’s fertile research foundation has been hampered by fragmented efforts. The ACO aims to build on Canadian strengths and define Canada’s niche by identifying and promoting areas of strength. We will support strategic decision-making for investment into HIV vaccine research. And we are working with partners to help train the next generation of HIV vaccine researchers.

The ACO is striving to raise the priority of training nationally while stimulating Canadian and international collaborations among HIV researchers and other stakeholders.

Through the ACO, Canada has an opportunity to acknowledge and invest strategically in focal areas of excellence that integrate, amplify and sustain Canadian research initiatives aligning with the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise’s 2010 Scientific Strategic Plan.

As part of the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) Research and Development Alliance, the ACO is assisting in the overarching vision to establish an innovative and robust Canadian contribution to global HIV vaccine efforts.

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See the work being done by Canadians!

Watch these videos of Canadian researchers who are are making an impact in HIV vaccine research and development. These ACO-produced videos were shot at various conferences around the world, and represent just some of the many HIV-vaccine research projects currently underway.