Vision and Objectives

The vision of the Alliance Coordinating Office is to integrate a national network of researchers through high-impact programs that capitalize on Canada’s strengths, create new opportunities for international collaboration and ensure that Canada is a leading contributor to the global HIV vaccine research effort. This will be achieved by:

Building on Canadian strengths and defining Canada’s niche


  • Identify and promote areas of strength;
  • Support strategic decision-making for investment into HIV vaccine research; and
  • Work with partners to help train the next generation of HIV vaccine researchers and raise the priority of training nationally.

Defining clear goals


  • Advance basic science;
  • Translate basic science to preclinical and technology development; and
  • Foster the enabling conditions for deployment of an effective vaccine in Canada and globally.

Ensuring effective collaboration


  • Act as a conduit for national and international collaborations that advance complementary mandates;
  • Mobilize non-HIV researchers to bring new insights, technologies and infrastructure to the field of HIV vaccine research; and
  • Facilitate information exchange, collaboration and coordination across diverse national and international research efforts.