White Paper

Building Linkages, Achieving Impact: A Framework to Guide the Canadian HIV Vaccine Research and Development Alliance (download the PDF)

As a first step to achieving the ACO’s objectives, we developed a White Paper to steer a strategic direction to foster effective coordination of key players across the Canadian HIV vaccine research landscape. The ACO approached opinion leaders, including researchers, funders and leaders in non-profit organizations, to provide their insights on the state of HIV vaccine research in Canada and abroad. These leaders were also consulted on ways to best achieve Canada’s potential in supporting the international effort.

The national and global landscape assessment has provided a robust understanding of the strategic plans of Canadian and international organizations that support HIV research, their key stakeholders and drivers, as well as funding and research priorities.

The White Paper helps to outline Canada’s strengths, international gaps, and recommendations on strategic investment in Canadian efforts.  In order to ensure that the recommendations were credible, a consultation process began in spring 2012. The draft White Paper was presented at an ancillary event on April 19, 2012 at the CAHR Conference in Montreal. The final draft of the White Paper was approved by the CHVI Advisory Board in June 2012.

For more information, contact us at aco@icid.com.